Why kite festival in Ahmedabad is world-famous?

Why kite festival in Ahmedabad is world-famous?


Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities of the beautiful state Gujarat. It is also known as Amdavad. The large city was titled after Sultan Ahmed Shah, who was the founder of the city in the early fourteenth century. Ahmedabad is one of the significant cities of Gujarat. It served as the capital of Gujarat for 10 years between the period of 1960 to 1970. Ahmedabad has a strong nexus of India’s freedom struggle for independence. This is the city where Mahatma Gandhi lived in for many years. One of the most famous non-violent movements Salt March or popular known as Dandi March began here in this city. With so much of historic significance yet a booming modern city - Ahmedabad is the magnificent city to explore.

Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, The city is well known for its flourishing history of the textile industry. This has made the city earn a nickname - "Manchester of the East". Once you have planned to visit this place an that is why you are here on this page. Further, there arise questions such as What is the best time to visit Ahmedabad? What is Ahmedabad famous for? 


The best time to visit Ahmedabad is during winters. Among the Ahmedabad festivals, apparently speaking Ahmedabad is world-famous for its International Kite Festival that happens every year for a span of a week in the month of January. Uttarayan Festival in Ahmedabad is celebrated on account of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan - This marks the days in the Hindu Calendar when winter begins setting to summer. Kite Festival in Gujarat is a tradition followed across the state and other parts of the country. Kite Festival in Ahmedavad Date2020 International Kite Festival began on Tuesday, 7 January and ends on Tuesday, 14 January.

During the  Kite Festival in Gujarat, the skies over most cities of Gujarat is filled with kites from dawn till dusk. It usually takes a bright warm sunny day with cool breezes to lift the kites aloft, the whole state comes together and across the state, almost all normal activities are shut down and everyone gets to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and play with their neighbours and friends.  

At Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, you get to witness kites of all shapes and sizes, there will be the main competition held to battle with nearby kite-flyers to cut the strings of their kites and bring down their kites. For this, people find their chosen kite-makers who prepare strong flexible kite shapes with springy bamboo frames and kite-paper tightened to exactly the right tension. Finally, the kites are fastened to a spool (or firkin) of manja( a special kite-string coated with a mix of glue and glass to be as sharp as possible for cutting strings of rival kites).  

Production of kites and kite supplies for Kite Festival in Ahmedabad can be seen on the streets of Ahmedabad beginning in November month, to get ready for Uttarayan Festival in Ahmedabad. Patang Bazaar ranks the highest kites selling site in the city. As the name suggests, Patang means Kite. It is a special market for kite that appears in the old city. For the week heading to the International Kite Festival, it is open 24 hours a day for all kite lovers to stock up for the celebrations.

Unlike other days you can find kids wake up at dawn around 5 am on these days. It is one of the major Ahmedabad Festivals, it is celebrated by the whole family getting together at the rooftops and Terrace of their house and streets. Special mentions for the variety of delicious sweets prepared around this Kite Festival in Gujarat such as laddu, undhiyu or surti Jamun. 

Ahmedabad is hosting the International Kite Festival since 1989. Kite Festival in Ahmedabad is a part of the official celebration of uttarayan, drawing master kite makers and flyers from all around the world to exhibit their unique creations and arts and stun the crowds with highly amazing kites. 

In the earlier years, master kite creators from Malaysia have carried their way-balang kites and layang-layang have come from Indonesia, kite makers from the USA have arrived here with big banner kites. Also, Japanese rokkaku fighting kites have participated in the skies of India at this International Kite festival with Italian sculptural kites. Chinese flying dragons and the most advanced high-tech modernistic wonders. The remarkable event record was a master kite innovator and renowned kite flyer Rasulbhai Rahimbhai of Ahmedabad chains of up to five hundred kites on a single string had become to be a most classiest attraction till date in the history of kite festival in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat is well known for its ancient caves, white desert, stupas, monasteries, temples and monuments that exhibit the magnificent Indo-Saracenic architecture, its culture, tradition, artistic handicrafts, embroidery fabric works and most importantly its mouth-watering taste of food.

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