Attractions in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal in Hindi means "Land of Snow", located near the lap of Himalaya, it is truly a house of snow. It was traditionally a popular summer destination in India, but now, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department has made special efforts in making it a place to visit for all the seasons. Infact, the tourism sectors are majorly focusing on remote areas and unexplored places to promote eco-tourism. Himachal Pradesh is recognised as "Dev Bhumi" and is considered to be the home of Great Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The entire state is dotted with ancient stone and wood temples. The shadowy valleys, rugged crags, glaciers and gigantic pines and roaring rivers and exquisite flora and fauna form the concinnity. Himachal Pradesh is a rich treasure of ancient pilgrim sites and majestic serene views. Himachal Pradesh has also the pride of being the home to rishis like Vyas, Parashar, Vashist, Markandey and Lamas, etc.  It is well known for the magnificent mountains and the heavenly beauty of nature. It abodes several Himalayan rivers i.e Ravi River, Beas River, Chenab River and Satluj River have their origin from the glaciers. The high altitude mountains, rocky meadows and the hilly terrains are a visual treat for the travellers.