Top 20 Reasons Why Goa is Famous as India's Most Popular Tourist Destination?

Top 20 Reasons Why Goa is Famous as India's Most Popular Tourist Destination?

What do you remember when the word Goa crosses your mind? Party on beaches? Calm and tranquil walks on unexplored beaches? New years parties? Sunburn? Private beach resorts? Goa has so much to offer for every traveller. It is a dream destination for many travellers, as it never disappoints any travellers who come over here to enjoy this little paradise on earth. Everyone knows some special feature Goa has to offer. It is rated as India's Most Popular Tourist Destination. This place is quite famous among many foreign travellers, people from all around the world visit this beauty and admired it. 

Why Goa is famous? What makes Goa so special? Goa is all about sun, sea and sand. Goa is popular for its range of seafood delicacy. Goa's weather will warm your heart if you are a nature's lover. Be it trekking, camping, spirituality, rejuvenation, Ayurveda spa and any relaxing activity by beach you name it and Goa has it all. 

From historical monuments to adventures sports or partying on the beach till dusk or renting out your private spaces by beach- All of these makes Goa indeed an India's Most Popular Tourist Destination. 

It is the smallest states in India in terms of geographical area. Yet Goa carries a vast spectrum of cultural practices. Portuguese, Maharashtrian and Konkani influences are evident in language, food, architecture, dress and dance. Numerous festivals are celebrated here that show affirmation to its multicultural glory.

Goa is a blend of ancient Portuguese colony, sandy shores, forests, monuments and delightful cuisine- you can't get enough of Goa. 


1) AMAZING BEACHES: Had to be the #1 on the list, Goa is world-famous for its beach life. From North to South of Goa for every five minutes of travel, you will find a new beach. Not only beaches, you will see the shacks with delicious seafood to offer. Goa is nothing without its beaches. Beaches add life to Goa and makes it a popular reason for people to visit it.

2) MAJESTIC CARNIVAL: A grand parade in Goa that happens on every February. Whole Goa unites and people all around the world gather to celebrate this festival. 

This carnival festive culture dates back to the Portuguese era. You can people across the city and villages, dressed up in traditional clothing or a fancy dress. There will be good food and alcohol everywhere around making it a great event.

3) FESTIVAL VIBE IN DECEMBER: Entire city will be decorated with lightings and every church would have been adorned with Christmas tree, Christmas parties and many events would be organised especially in the month of December. Lots of weddings are also organized in Goa 


With plenty of beaches all over the state, guess what has to be included?? Goa is famous for adventure water sports, Goa offers the best water sports and other adventures sports such as scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing, banana boat riding and snorkelling.

5) MOUTHWATERING FOODS AT BEACH SHACKS: Most of Goa’s beaches are outlined with shacks most of the year. Shacks comes in all shapes and sizes, from trendy shacks to traditional ones. Some of these shacks are open all day, every day, such as Cocktails & Dreams on Palolem. These restaurants serve a blend of traditional and continental food and lots of alcohol.

6) CHEAP LIQUOR: Goa has lower tax rates for liquor all over the country, it is mainly to promote tourism in the State. It has low taxes even on other goods commodities. All these lower tax rates are applicable for International liquors as well. Alcohol served everywhere around the city, from small restaurants to big restaurants. So be ready and sure about your brand when you reach here in Goa.

7) DREAMY PORTUGUESE COLONY: Goa was once a Portuguese colony, this has influenced the town and today you can see that Portugal touches all over the city. Goa is popular for ancient Portuguese colony and Portuguese style houses. You can rent these villas and stay here on your vacations. Many local homestays with Portugal essence are available here with great amenities. These kinds of luxury Portugal villas with pool are famous among Goa Honeymoon Packages

8) SPOTTING DOLPHINS: Ever dreamt of spotting the dolphins in the middle of the beaches with your beloved one- Now you can make this dream come true, by booking a Goa Tour Package with Dolphins spotting activity. Loads of fish to try and not all for the meals, take a banana boat and head a bit out into the ocean. You will spot Dolphins within no time, Candolim beach offers this popular Dolphin spotting activity 

9) GOA MAY FENI NAHI KIYA TOH KYA KIYA: Goa is famous for its Cashew nuts, feni and goa sausage. Popular country liquor made from coconut and cashew is known as Feni. It is intoxicating, has a long shelf life and it can be used in cocktails or mixed with cola, tonic water and lemonade. Most popular Goa Sausages - a spicy chorizo that’s available all over India, but best made in Goa is worth trying. Cashew nuts with excellent quality are available here at a much cheaper cost.

10) ENCHANTING WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES: Goa may be a tiny state but it is packed with all the greenery that is suitable and supports many wildlife. There are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries in Goa such as Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao and Netravali wildlife sanctuaries. Here, you will find a wide range of Indian wildlife, from the Indian Bison to Sambar Deer to the Malabar Giant Squirrel. Many sanctuaries conduct wildlife safaris all year round, some sanctuaries even offering night tours.

11) MESMERIZING DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS: India's most attractive tourist destination-Dudhsagar waterfalls is a real beauty to be witnessed once in a lifetime. The best time to visit this marvellous beauty is just after the monsoons. It is India's tallest waterfalls, elevated at the height of 1017 feet. 

12) PARTY TILL YOU DROP WITH TRANCE PARTIES: Trance parties at Goa started way back in the Seventies, it started creating buzz by early 2000. That culture is still been carried forward even now. Few parties on the beaches such as Anjuna, Vagator and Palolem continues parties till the early hours of the morning. 

13) HEADPHONE PARTY CULTURE: India is a buzz loving country, well Goa is an international party hub. It is home to various party culture, including headphone party that is popular among other countries. Without disturbing the peace around the area this party occurs in silence. 

14) RELISH THE APPETISING VARIETIES OF SEAFOOD: Seafood in Goa is quite famous with so many beaches. Fish and seafood are abundant. There are a lot of seafood restaurants in Goa that provides delicious food to savour. Variety of traditional food including exotic cocktails are famous in Goa.

15) TRY YOUR LUCK AT CASINOS: You can play games like Rummy, Stud Poker, Black Jack and Roulette on one of Goa’s numerous cruise ship casinos. These luxury cruisers are furnished with everything you need to try your luck on a fun evening. From a host of gambling activities, music, food to drinks onboard a luxury ship- These liners are equipped with everything. Popular haunts include Deltin Royale Casino, Casino Carnival and Casino Pride. 

16) RENT OUT BIKES: Explore the city, by renting a bike. It is an easy and convenient way to roam around the city and most inexpensive one too. It prices starts from INR 200 per day for gearless scooters. During peak seasons the price may vary.

17) CHILLAX ON LAIDBACK LIFESTYLE: Goa is a kind of place that anyone wouldn't like to leave. Be it a week or a month you will still have so many things to explore even if you try a new activity per single day. Most famous activity among them is to relax and stroll around the beach at lunchtime with amazing views and divine alcohol. This is the most famous local tradition and popular tourist culture.

18) CHURCHES, MONUMENTS AND OLD GOA: Old Goa was formerly the capital of Goa when Portuguese ruled. You can witness the beauty and architectural richness of the churches and cathedrals in old Goa even today. Must-visit place include the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier, and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can even walk through the villages and view the old houses and feel the essence of what Goa was like centuries ago.

19) FORTS IN GOA: Forts such as Aguada in Sinquerim and Cabo De Rama in Canacona are popular forts to visit in Goa. Chapora fort's history extends back at least three centuries. One should never miss the extraordinary views from Pernem, Vagator and the Arabian Sea. 

20) SHOPPING IN FLEA MARKETS FOR CHEAPS GOODS AND COMMODITIESAnjuna hosts one of the best shopping destinations in Goa on every Wednesday. Visit Anjuna Flea market where you can shop for everything from clothes and home décor to a variety of Indian spices and even musical instruments.