Maldives Budget - How to travel the Maldives on a budget?

Maldives Budget - How to travel the Maldives on a budget?


Are you a thalassophile(The person who loves beaches, sea or oceans)? Love rolling on sands of the turquoise blue waters? A trip to the Maldives is the dream vacation for most couples. It is also one of the best honeymoon destinations and tops that list since decade. Not only that, Maldives is a hub of thrilling water activities. Scuba diving is the most trending underwater activity in recent times. Be it a Solo trip to Maldives, Maldives trip with friends or with your family, Maldives has many things to offer for everyone. It is time to flaunt in your beach outfits and goof around with those dramatic sunglasses by the beachside. Well, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time and keep procrastinating on your Maldives trip. Relish this natural treasure and rejuvenate yourself with the goodness of nature. Maldives is an exotic cultured island that has so many things to offer for its visitors. Now that you have planned to explore and visit this paradise on earth, we are here to help with the best ways to travel to Maldives by keeping the budget as our prime key factor. 

1) Visit in the off-shoulder SeasonsThe best time to visit Maldives is from November to April. It is considered the peak season between November to April, because of that all the prices will be at the higher rates. Most of the booking will be done in this season, to enjoy the soft sunshine at this tropical island. Other seasons between the peak season and off-season must be considered as it comes with a 20% discount. You might observe rainfall but it wouldn’t rain all day long. So think smarter and more economical while selecting the time to visit Maldives. 

2) Be careful on what you choose to travel in between the islands of Maldives: This tip is especially for the first time travellers, we recommend you to choose regional or domestic flights from India to Maldives as these are cheaper among other options. You can opt for a flight to Male then a speedboat for Maldives Transportation between islands, this will be the affordable way for you to travel between islands. You can even choose the round trip seaplane ride which will give you a thrilling experience and a memory to remember for a lifetime. You could also choose the Maldives domestic flight. But these flight can get delayed at times and no proper time scheduled for seaplane transfer between dawn to dusk. We suggest you to go for the flight that lands between the first half of the day to reach the island before 4 pm. Otherwise, you will have to stay overnight at Male and take the earliest flight the next following day. 

3) Book your hotels and flight online priorThis is a basic common advice and must known thing about every Maldives Holiday Packages. Check for the online cheapest flights and accommodation options especially if you are planning to stay in the resorts. Research, go through the review and rating and select the ones which suits your budget the most. On pre-booking of flight, hotels and resorts you will get great deals and offers. 

4) Follow and get to know about the Basic informal rules of MaldivesIf you are planning to visit the Maldives in the month of Ramadan you gotta be prepared for a few things. First of all, there will be less availability of food during the dad time & most of the service people would have left to their native at this festive time. Do not even expect pork and alcohol during this time. Many service shops would be closed especially during the prayer times. And make sure you wear decent clothing at the month of Ramadan. 

5) Opt for most Affordable Accommodation and Transport Facilities: Keeping your total Maldives trip budget in mind, design your Maldives Packages. Good resorts and hotels can fit your budget if you preplan on them. They would be worth every penny. Check out the best restaurants, bars, pools, kid-friendly, the weather conditions in and around the place that you will stay. If you book your Maldives Tour Packages with Sushant Travels you will not have to worry about all this. We will take care of everything from visa, accommodation to flight tickets and everything.

6) Choose All-inclusive or Half board facilities: If you are on the beaches to enjoy water activities, opting for all-inclusive deals can be quite expensive. All-inclusive buffet breakfast and lunch can be a good choice but on the other hand, half boards will cover breakfast, lunch and drinks at some places. Make sure you pre enquire about the coffee, drinks and other special delights included. Additionally, there will be few activities or excursions included and check out for the kid-friendly menu and places, if you are travelling with kids. 

7) Pack your bags smartlyDo don’t overload your bag with plenty of things, watch many vlogs available on youtube or any blogs and plan your bag accordingly. Do not carry pork, alcohol or any kind of tobacco products along with religious books. Carry your camera bag if you are a photography addict we would recommend you to carry water resistance cameras. Carry all the essentials such as moisturizer, sunscreen, shades, surf wax, toiletries and other personal care products. Carry your own snorkelling, surfing or diving gear to avoid renting cost. 

8) Research and Compare prices for water activitiesThe common tip for all the travellers to Maldives trip on a budget, we would suggest you to know about the distance and timings required to travel between coral reefs and resorts. Further research and have knowledge of the ways to reach them, Few places can be reached by swimming, few by ferry rides from the resorts for snorkelling or diving. There are other ways too such as boating, Sea-kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, standup paddling, and many more check with the prices and organizers and choose what suits you the best.

9) Keep track on the taxes and hidden costs: Major factor that we neglect is the taxes, they are always present around us everywhere. Keep an eye on the imported food or drinks at the luxury resorts. 

Check out for the local menu prices. Keep USD for transaction, even though the Maldivian Rufiyaa is the national currency used in the country, USD is widely used and accepted almost everywhere in the country. 

10) Do notDo not carry alcohol around, because Maldives is a strict Muslim country and alcohol is the available only in few selected places and pubs. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen, as it can be very costly at the islands. Do not wear bikinis and roam around. Bikinis are allowed only in a few selected places. Do not change places frequently, pick one resort and travel to and fro, if you keep changing it may cost you a lot.

It is actually easier to travel from India to Maldives, Sushant Travels provides the best Maldives tour packages at affordable prices for you to have the best of your Maldives trip.