Explore Himachal Spiti Valley – The Ultimate Travel Experience 2020

Explore Himachal Spiti Valley – The Ultimate Travel Experience 2020

Himachal Pradesh is a dreamlike land bestowed with immense beauty and charm. Himachal is known for its clear and serene atmosphere, pristine lakes, lofty mountains, ancient temples and cheerful people. Home to some of the best tourist hubs such as Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Shimla and Spiti valley, Himachal is miniature heaven on earth alluring tourists all around the year. The natural beauty of Himachal along with its soothing environment adds more enjoyable aspects to your holiday. The state of Himachal Pradesh is known for its eco-friendly practices, picturesque scenery, farms of apple trees, colorful culture, adventure sports, hospitable people and a variety of traditions, festivals and celebrations which occur throughout the year. Spiti valley is a cold desert mountain valley situated in Marango Rangarik, Himachal Pradesh which has been attracting adventures from all around the world since ages. The world Spiti means 'middle land' as it's positioned between India and Tibet. Endless winding roads, valleys that give out breathtaking glimpses of cold desert and snow-capped mountains welcome you with grace when you set foot into Himachal Spiti Valley. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, Spiti Valley is elevated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level and gets only around 250 days of sunshine in a year, resultantly making it one of the coldest valleys in the country. With snowy mountains, hilltop monasteries, gurgling rivers and picturesque views around, the Spiti Valley offer an adventure of a lifetime. As the thick Himalayan snow cuts off Spiti from the rest of the country for around 6 months a year, summer season is the only time Spiti is directly accessible by road. Himachal Pradesh tour packages offered by Sushant Travels take you on a tour to other amazing destinations in Himachal along with Spiti valley. This Himachal tour guide will definitely help you with your Spiti valley tour.


1. Chandratal Lake: A dream destination for a camper and trekker, Chandratal Lake is often referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes located in Himalayas, elevated at an altitude of about 4300 meters. This breathtaking lake is situated on the Samudra Tapu plateau which overlooks Chandra River. The name Chandratal which literally means 'Lake of the Moon' comes from its crescent shape. This lake is renowned as one of two high-altitude wetlands of India that have been delegated as Ramsar sites.

2. Key Monastery: The Key Monastery is a famous Tibetan monastery located in the Lahaul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh. Perched at an altitude of 4,166 meters above the sea level, the monastery is very close to the Spiti River. The mesmerizing Key Monastery is over a thousand years old and the largest monastery to be found in the entire Himachal Pradesh. The magnificent monastery having fascinating history acts as a religious training center for the Lamas, and about 300 lamas receive education from here.

3. Suraj Tal: Perched at an elevation of 4950 m above the sea level, Suraj Tal Lake is 3rd largest lake in India. Situated in Spiti Valley, Suraj Tale literally means, ‘The Lake of Sun God’. Located just below the Baralacha pass, this beautiful lake should be definitely visited as it provides perfect backdrop for photographs. The Suraj Tal has religious importance as well as its believed that taking a dip in the Suraj Tal Lake cleanses a person of his sins.

4. Kibber Village: Kibber, also known as Kyibar, is a small village which is one of the highest inhabitable villages in world. Located in the Spiti Valley at an altitude of 4270 meters and surrounded by picturesque mountains, Kibber village holds a different charm. The village receives large number of tourists as its famous for the beautiful local monastery and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. A distinct feature of this village is the similar-looking houses of locals. Around 40 picturesque houses built in Tibetan architecture can be seen here and Tibetan Buddhism is the predominant religion of its locals.

5. Triloknath Temple: The Trilokinath Temple, is located in Trilokinath village in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at about 9 km from the village of Udaipur of Himachal Pradesh, this phenomenal temple is the only place in the world where both Hindus and Buddhists worship. The deity is believed as Lord Shiva by Hindus while the Buddhists consider it as Lord Arya Avalokiteshwar. However, it is believed that originally the Trilokinath Temple was Buddhist monastery which later on established as a temple.


1. River Rafting: River rafting is one of the top things to do in Himachal Spiti Valley that's absolutely perfect for adventure seekers. You can feel the thrill of rafting through gushing waters while enjoying the serenity amidst the mountains throughout the ride. Best place for river rafting in Spiti valley are Spiti and Pin Rivers where difficulty level of the sport is low to moderate. To experience the rafting adventure the most, it’s advised to plan your trip between July to August.

2. Admire flora and fauna of Pin Valley National Park: Situated in the higher regions of the Himalayas, this national park is home to endangered species such as snow leopards, Tibetan gazelle, snow partridges, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snow cocks and more. From admiring the beauty of nature to spotting rare wild animals, this park offers so much to make you lose track of time.

3. Visit beautiful Monasteries: Himachal Spiti Valley is a religious and spiritual center for Buddhist followers that's another reason which makes it such a famous tourist destination. Tourists find absolute peace by visiting the Buddhist monasteries scattered around in the valley at higher reaches. The Buddhist architecture, ancient murals, beautiful backdrop of mountains and overall calm environment would leave you feel amazed. Key Monastery, Kungri Monastery, Kardang Monastery are some of the famous monasteries in Spiti.

4. Take a camping and star gazing experience: There's one thing which tourists do not miss at any cost at Himachal Spiti valley is camping. What makes a camping experience even more enjoyable is when you are doing camping by the lake with incredible views around. One of the famous destinations in Spiti for camping is Chandratal Lake. This crescent shaped lake is situated at elevation of 4,300 meters in the lap of the Himalayas. Spend a day near the lake to witness its changing hues and relish the stargazing experience at night.

5. Go for a Thrilling Trek: If you’re looking for both peace and adventure in Himachal Spiti valley then trekking is a must do thing. Some of the amazing trekking destinations in Spiti are Dhankar Lake, Kanamo Peak, Key gompa and Baralacha pass. Some of these treks are a bit challenging, but the serene beauty that you get to witness on reaching atop is worth taking efforts for.

6. Enjoy Yak Safari: The best way to explore a place is by living and travelling through it like a local. So if you are tired with all the adventurous activities and wish to have another unique experience, opt for a local ride, that's a yak safari. Almost, all the local villagers have at least one yak with them, which makes the ride through Rocky Mountains more accessible. So hire a Yak for yourself and revel an experience worth having in the valley.

7. Shop from Local Markets: It's said that you get to witness authentic culture of a place by visiting its markets. Visiting the spiti valley and not exploring the markets is quite equivalent to a sin. Kaza Market is the main and most shopped from market in Himachal Spiti Valley where you can find numerous useful stuffs, quircky things like painted skull sculptures and Tibetan- Buddhist handicrafts to take home as sweet souvenirs of spiti tour.

Exploring the untouched regions of Himachal Pradesh is a worthy experience if you are planning to do something out of the box in 2020. The serene mountains, windy roads, rocky cliffs and tinkling streams come together to create a heavenly environment which gives peace to heart of the visitors. The unspoiled beauty of Himachal Pradesh will leave you stunned and keep you calling back to it. Spiti valley is one such region of Himachal Pradesh which is filled with adventures of all kinds. Just exploring through this cold desert makes you loose track of time and you just become one with this phenomenal creation of nature. Himachal Travel guide advises about the best places to visit and things to do in Spite Valley. The activities such as river rafting, trekking and camping help you fill your heart with thrill and excitement. On the other hand you can visit calm lakes, monasteries and Buddhist monuments for a tranquil experience. So embrace an ultimate travel experience in golden year 2020 with Sushant Travels by exploring the majestic Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh!