A Solo Female Travel Guide To Thailand - Travel Tips

A Solo Female Travel Guide To Thailand - Travel Tips

What do women love the most?” – Travelling? Shopping? Beaches? Being pampered? Being able to delve into divine delicacies? Some me time away from home on your own? And what If you get all of that and much more in a single package? Welcome abroad to Thailand. Sushant Travels offers all the women to experience a solo gate away in the lap of nature, where they can enjoy soothing white sandy beaches, experience the thrill of water sports, find the peace for their souls in various Buddhist temples, go wild in the nightlife and feel self-love by getting traditional Thai Massage.

Your wish to travel solo for an abroad trip which is not too heavy on your packet as compared to many foreign countries is about to come true. And the best part is Even if you don’t have a VISA, Thailand provides you one on arrival. So, if you have a passport, it will suffice.

Thailand is a country situated in Indo-Chinese Peninsula in Southeast of Asian Continent. Without a doubt, it is a Country on which we clearly see the prominent influences of Chinese and Indian Culture. Not just that, even the climate of Thailand is quite similar to Indian Climate so that once you land there, adapting is not too difficult. Bangkok city centrally located in Thailand and is the capital, as it deserves to be so. It is even referred to as ‘the city of angles’. Majority of the population of Thailand follows Buddhism in terms of religion. Thus, there are numerous Buddhist temples here which are a must visit to get the feel of the culture of Thailand and to explore the beautiful architectural designs. Thai Cusine is renowned all over the world and it can be no more authentic anywhere than here. Rice is the staple food here and Pad Thai and Tom Yum Noodles are a must try. Also, if you have a non-vegetarian soul, you’ll be in a Sea-food heaven. The street foods in Thailand are over flowing with mouth wateringly fresh seafood.  Also, for those who are veggies, don’t worry, thou shall be able to taste all kinds of fresh fruits abundantly available as street foods. The Nightlife in Thailand is as happening as the day. There are even markets which are open specifically at night so that the tourists can experience the hustle and bustle of Thailand which is as awake at Night as it is in the day. So, be ready to get night outs and late morning sleep in for a change. Besides Bangkok, this tour includes stay in Phuket province which is situated in south of Thailand. It is considered as the heart of Thailand and constitutes of 33 different islands of which ‘the island of Phuket’ is the largest. Bestowed with white sandy beaches, blue green crystal clear water, and lush green vegetation covering steep breathtaking cliffs, Phuket is nature’s beauty at its best. The famous movie ‘the beach’ was shot on the Phi Phi Island in Phuket, which makes it a major tourist attraction.


Phi-Phi Island: Phi Phi Island, being showcased in many movies, is the heart Phuket. Speed boats are the best and rather super exiting options for visiting this picturesque Island. This boat ride is one of a kind and once in a life time ride. Phi Phi Island is a cluster of six islands which include Phi Phi Don, the Phi Phi Leh, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Bamboo Island, and touring them is possible only through boats. Touring these Islands, we are greeted with beautiful sights of the Viking cave and the Monkey Beach. Be sure to take your time to swim in the waters of Phi Le Lagoon. If you are feeling more adventurous, go for snorkelling at the Bamboo Island and enter the underwater world of diverse and colourful marine life and captivating coral reefs. Or you just laze around in the luxirous lap of nature.

Siam Niramit: The Siam Niramit show is a brilliant showcase of the Thai Culture and heritage and is a must watch. It boasts of having performed for20 years and having more than 100s of performers, stunning sets, dazzling costumes and realistic special effects. The show starts at 8:30pm, however the gates are opened prior to it at 5:30pm itself for the tourists to enjoy Thai and International Buffet. Also, Siam Niramit boasts a well planned and constructed Thai Heritage Village for the tourists to experience the varied Thai Heritage. Siam Niramit show is a 70 minutes performance which brings to life the rich Thai History, the joys of its varied festivities and the common beliefs of its people.

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market: No woman can be tired enough for shopping. The Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market is open only on Sunday, and only from 4:00pm to 10:00pm.If you are thinking of buying souvenirs for your loved ones, this is the place. Also, a variety of mouth watering food is here, so that you can munch on and then shop on!


Wat Traimit: For the Country who’s Capital boasts an international airport with the name ‘the land of Gold’, without a doubt Gold is that one feature which dominates it. So, walk along in a 13th Century old Temple which houses a mindblogging Sukhothai styled 5,500kg weighing, solid Gold statue of Buddha. This enormous 3 meter heighted statue is situated in the Wat Traimit Temple or the Temple of Golden Buddha and is its most distinguishing feature.

Wat Pho: Also termed as the Temple of reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is another of the Buddhist Temples in Bangkok which is not to be missed. This temple is one of the six temples which are classed as the highest-grade royal temples. This 16th-17th century build temple has the largest collection of Images of Buddha in Thailand, of which most distinguished is a statue of Buddha in a reclining position which has 15 meter height and 46 meter length. Also, Wat Pho has the first Government approved Medical School and one of the most initial Centre for Public Education. It is also one of the initial Thai massage schools in Thailand and thus has given birth to the most renowned Thai massage. This temple is an awe inspiring insight into Thiland’s cultural background through innumerable illustrations.

The Grand Palace: Situated along the bank of Chao Phraya River Thailand, opposite to Wat Pho Temple, is the house of the Royalty. The Palace constitutes of the Inner Court, the Outer Court and the beautiful Emrald Buddha Temple. The Palace is partially open to public. Till dated many of the Royal events are happening here within the Palace. So, come and walk along the beautiful gardens and winding pathways on which the Royalty in Thailand had once walked as you get dazzled with its supreme architecture.

Wat Arun: ‘Aruna’ is a Hindu Deity i.e. ‘the sun God’. Wat Arun, thus is the Temple of Sun. The Wat Arun Temple is accessible through the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. The temple structure might remind one of the famous Indian Structure – TajMahal as it constitutes of one central tower which is surrounded by four smaller towers. However, the similarities end here. While Taj Mahal is dome shaped, Wat Arun has somewhat Stupa shaped towers or pagoda. Come at Wat Aruna to witness Indo-Chinese influences on this splendid architectural design in form of impressions of Chinese soldiers, statue of The Hindu Deity Indra (The God of Rain), the seven pronged trident of Shiva, etc.

Safari World: Imagine witnessing the rarest and endangered species of animals in a 45 minutes ride through your coach. Experience nature at its wildest in Safari Park and then go cruising on a boat through deep, wild jungles to witness ferocious crocodiles, gorillas, etc in Safari Park and Marine Park. Also, don’t miss the show – one of a kind- where the most top notch predators i.e. lions and tigers are fed. Feel adventurous through and through, get kissed by the seals or even the dolphins, see numerous animals and birds performing for you, become a tree and let the colourful parrots perk all over your body, see the hairy orang-utans in a fight in ‘Orangutan boxing show’, witness the most intelligent marine animal doing plenty tricks in ‘the Dolphin show’, and plenty more

Chatuchak Weekend Market: ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping’ – Bo Derek. So, be happy women, because now you know where to go shopping. The Chatuchak weekend Market is a no miss for all the ladies. It’s a shopaholic’s dream come true and a guaranteed shop till you drop destination. This market offers to anyone and everyone anything and everything. The market is famous for making available all latest fashion merchandise at affordable prices, so that it doesn’t weigh down your pockets. As the name suggests, this market is open only on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm. In this maize of a market there are too many sections and it’s easy to get lost, so do remember to carry a map of the market. Also, don’t forget to snack on the various food items available there when you are at it.


Day 01: Delhi To Bangkok -

On scheduled date, alight the flight from Delhi to Swarnabhumi Airport. If you don’t possess a VISA, you will have to get VISA on arrival. Also, do get your Currency changed from Indian Rupee to Thai Baht. Do take time to view the beauty of the Swarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok and be pleasantly surprised to find the traces of famous Epic ‘Ramayana’ on the place. You will be received by our representatives at the airport and taken to pre booked hotel. Have dinner at Hotel.

Day 02: Safari World Excrusion -

In the Morning after breakfast, board on our bus and reach Safari world (about 30-40 minutes ride). Experience the Safari Park, Marine Park, Jungle Cruise, The Dolphin Show, The Bird Show, The Orang-utan Boxing Show at the Safari World. Lunch will be provided at the Safari World itself. Get back to the hotel in evening for relaxing. Have dinner at Hotel.

Day 03: Exploring The Bangkok City -

In the Morning after breakfast, board on our bus and explore the ‘city of angles’ i.e. Bangkok. Visit the Wat Traimit Temple or the Temple of Golden Buddha, Wat Pho or the Temple of reclining Buddha, Wat Arun or the Temple of Sun Diety and the Grand Palace within Bangkok. In the afternoon the bus will take you to Nalintara Food & Drink Restaurant so as to taste authentic Thai food at a beautiful location. The restaurant sports a pond filled with water lilies and has Gazebos built over it where the customers can enjoy their food. After the food, laze around on the gazebos. In the evening we’ll be visiting My Castle Cafe which is any woman’s dream come true. The cafe is decorated in pink and has flowers all over the ceiling. The seats in the cafe resemble cages and give the feel of a dreamland garden with flowers and birds. All women are welcome to enjoy the desserts there. Get back to hotel and have dinner.

Day 04: Shopping At Chatuchak Market -

In the morning have breakfast and board out bust to reach Chatuchak Market. Enjoy shopping. Lunch will not be provided today. You can get lunch at any restaurant in the Market in between your shopping.Get back to the Hotel in the evening. Relax. Have dinner. Keep your bags packed and ready.

Day 05: Flight To Phuket And Shopping At Phuket Night Market -

In the morning after breakfast, check out of the hotel and ride our bus to the Swarnabhumi Airport. Take the flight from Swarnabhumi Airport to Phuket. Breakfast will be served in flight. You will be received by our representatives at the airport and taken to pre booked hotel. In the evening board our bus to go for shopping at the Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market. You can get all types of souvenirs here. You can get your own snacks for the breakfast at the market. Get back to hotel. Have dinner.

Day 06: Exploring Enchanting Phi Phi Islands And Experiencing The Siam Niramit Show -

In the Morning after breakfast, board on our bus and reach the Royal Phuket Marina (approximately 40-45 minutes ride). Do carry swim suites and/or dry fit clothes. At the Marina, you will be given snorkelling gear. Get on board of a speed boat which will take you around the Phi Phi Islands. One side journey takes about 1 hour to reach. Do sight seeing at the Viking cave, the Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Don, the Phi Phi Leh. Have fun in the waters of Phi Le Lagoon and go snorkelling at the Bamboo Island. Lunch will be provided at Phi Phi Don Island. The speed boat will drop you back at the Royal Phuket Marina. Get back to Hotel in the after noon, relax. In the evening, get on the bus to reach Siam Niramit (approximately 30 minutes ride). Enjoy the landscape and views of the lake. Take a look at the Thai Heritage Village. Thai Buffet will be made available from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The Siam Niramit show begins at 8:00 pm and goes on for 70 minutes. After the show, our bus will take you back to the Hotel in Phuket. Rest and pack your luggage for the next day.

Day 07: Back To Delhi -

In the Morning have breakfast. Board our bus and reach Phuket Airport. Catch the flight back from Phuket to Delhi.


Tourism in Bangkok is open throughout the year. The seasons being similar to Indian climate, any season except the rains is good.


  • Thiland offers VISA on arrival so, if you posses a passport, you are ready to go.
  • Currency exchanges are available all around in Thailand so that conversion from Rupee to Baht is easy.
  • Carry minimum luggage as there is limit on luggage at the airport and you will have lots of shopping with you on the return journey.