What To Do And Where To Go For Summer Tour During Coronavirus

What To Do And Where To Go For Summer Tour During Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a new type of virus that belongs to the family of the virus that causes several respiratory illnesses ranging from common cold to more even death. The symptoms of this virus include fever, sore throat, shortness of death and coughing. This is an easily communicable disease that spreads easily from person to person. It was first identified in the Wuhan district of china from the nonvegetarian market. It also called other illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome( SARS). This is a deadly virus mostly affects people from the old age group and children below ten years. This is the deadly virus spreading all over the world and causes serious health problems to the people who have damaged the immune system.

People with coronavirus experience symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, sore throat and fever. Always wear a mask this will prevent the entry of disease inside the mouth of the virus and stay-aways from the infected person. Consult a doctor if you have of the above symptoms and avoid traveling to the other countries. Doctors are doing targeted testing due to the global shortage of test kits.

What To Do During Coronavirus

Do not attend public gatherings such as work, school, shopping centers, and university in order to avoid widespread disease. Always do self-quarantine in-home and always wash your hands with soap and water. Cover your mouth with clothes while coughing and sneezing. Still, there are no vaccines for covid-19 but it can be prevented. Antibiotics do not react to this virus. If your found to be affected with this virus isolate yourself for not spreading this virus.

The high-risk region of this virus is china, Iran, Italy, and Korea. The most vulnerable people are the person who is suffering from cancer and people with chronic medical conditions. It is spread from droplets of infected persons and does not randomly touch other surfaces. Practice personal hygiene and avoid social gatherings. Dispose of all the used tissues properly and use alcohol-based sanitizers.

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe, several travel-related occurs from visa cancellation to flight suspensions. Many people are obsessed with traveling they are worried during this epidemic breakout. It is not safe to fly over other countries. It is mostly spread on the area with average temperature ranges from 10 to 35-degree Celcius. It does not spread in very cold areas. The high temperature does not kill the coronavirus.

As per the new coronavirus update, it has been started spreading to India due to its geographical location because it is nearer to the country’s china. So far there are 80000 confirmed cases of corona in china.

Regarding the new coronavirus update, only 6 cases had been reported in India despite its bigger population and unhygienic practices. In India, Weather plays a role in controlling the disease in control.

Where To Go For Summer Tour During Coronavirus

We cannot avoid travel due to corona because it recharges our soul and mind. Travel to the noncoronary affected countries. In local travel to hot places on the north side such as Rajasthan, Delhi where the scorching sun appears throughout the day which will clear the coronavirus and makes it less harmful. Sushant travels is one of the famous travels situated in the Delhi region famous for offering tour packages at an affordable cost. It offers various domestic tour packages near Delhi at a low charge during this virus outbreak. This trip is fully protected and scanned to avoid the deadly virus. We can also book one day or weekend trips based on our convenience. Below is the list of places near to Delhi where we can spend our holidays without being exposed to corona. Several new places are included in these domestic tour packages.

Weekend getaways from Delhi to Rajasthan

  • Ranthambore

It is located at a distance of 362-kilo meters from Delhi. It consists of a national park that receives thousands of tourists all over the world where we can see roaring tigers roaming in the open-air environment. We can go through safari drive to visit these dense forests. We can feel the beauty of the nature of the landscape and meadows. There are three lakes presented there namely Raj bagh, Padam Talab and malik talab.

  • Sariska

It is situated at a distance of 180 kilometers from the state capital Delhi and it is called a natural hunting destination. In Sariska national park we can see the strolling tigers in the open air. It is the famous tourists destination in the Alwar district consists of grasslands, forests, and landscapes.

  • Bharatpur

It is the historical city and it is popularly known as Loha Garh and it is also called the eastern gateway to Rajasthan located at a distance of 199kilo meter from Delhi. Keoladeo ghana national park which is a bird sanctuary got listed in the UNESCO’S world heritage site. Here we can see various types of birds from all over the world. It consists of more than 250 varieties of birds.

  • Alwar

It is the famous city established by a great ruler which is located at a distance of 160-kilo meter to the south of Delhi. It attracts tourists from all over the world and it reflects the regal lifestyle of medieval Rajasthan. The best place to visit in this city is Bala-Quila, Sariska Van Abhyaranya, and Silished Etc.

  • Pushkar

It is located at the Ajmer district of Rajasthan at a distance of 403 km from the Delhi. This is the only place where we can see the Brahma temple. 52 bathing gates are located in that temple which is believed that the water from the pond cures many diseases. We can see market streets, camping and camel safari.

  • Mandawa

It is the castle town located at a distance of 240-kilo meters in the jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. This royal fort is now transformed into a castle hotel. This doorway is decored with Lord Krishna. In this fort terrace, we can easily see the panoramic view of the whole town.

  • Samode

It is the royal residence of the nathawat family and one of the finest examples of indo-sarsanic architecture located at a distance of 40 km from the city Jaipur. This architecture shows the symbol of elegance and grandeur and says about the architectural style of the medieval age.

  • Jaipur

This place is also called a pink city and this city is particularly made up of pink stone. It is the largest city in Rajasthan. This fort is with 953 windows and built with multicolored marbles. Here we can see city palace Jaipur, Raigarh fort, amber fort and much more. This city is well known for its arts and craftsmanship.

  • Karauli

It resembles the valuable rich art and architecture of ancient India located at a distance of 304 kilometers from Delhi. This city is filled with shrines, Havelis and adorable chhatris. It shows both the architectural style of Rajasthan and Mughal constructions. They are mostly made up of pale red stones and it is located at the bank of bhadrawati river.

  • Kota

If you are obsessed with random household this weekend trip is the best option to get refreshed and feel the fresh air. It is gifted with rich natural beauty and forts. It located just 500 km from Delhi. The places to visit here are sambal gardens, Maharaj Madho Singh Museum, jag mandir, Kansas temple, Kota barrage, The government museum, and haryali water park. This place is the example of Rajput finest architecture which is located at a distance of 36 km from Kota. The places to visit here are Diwan-e-aam, Hatha pool, and Naubat Khana.


As per new coronavirus update, health ministry informed that passengers from India traveling to EU countries, European free trade association and turkey will not be allowed from march 18, 2020.