Things To Consider When Hiring A Car For A Road Trip

Things To Consider When Hiring A Car For A Road Trip

Travelling in COVID conditions:

This is a post COVID world, and there are great recuperations of this pandemic which shook the whole world. For about past 9 months, we have been all locked down (quite literally) at our homes. Social Distancing has become a norm. With all the health risks and death rates associated with COVID, travelling had been the last thing on peoples mind. However, the situation is under better control now, the fear is reducing, the lockdowns are being unlocked in stages, and restrictions – on travel too – are being reduced.

While public transport has become open with some restrictions in place, the risk associated in travelling with more number of people has increased demand of Car for Rent. Even office workers are considering Taxi Services. One of the reasons is that a Taxi Service is less of a risk, and allows for plying only 2 passengers other than driver. Another reason is that today a number of Car Rental service providers such as our Sushant Travels, come with guaranteed COVID ready Cars, which take you to your destination following all the safety precautions.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Car for a Road Trip:

The slow removal of restrictions on travel should come as good news for people who have an adventurous and traveller’s soul. It is now possible to get a Car for Rent so that you can fulfil your wanderlust. Of course, all this comes with its own risks, but they can be mitigated with proper precautions.

Today we have brought for you our recommended list of things you need to consider if you are considering Hiring a Car for a Road Trip.

  • Make sure that the area you are going to is travel safe. You should be able to get this information through internet, or simply get into contact with your Car provider and confirm it.
  • Have your travel pass ready if it is required, you can choose a rental service which provides you with one.
  • You may be passing some toll roads, FASTag, the e-toll collection system is best to be utilized in COVID situation, so make sure your rental car comes with FASTag on your windshield.
  • Avoid travelling in a group of more than 3 people. And if anyone is above the age of 65; is pregnant; or has heart, lung, or kidney disease, or immunity problems, or diabetes, etc.; please stay home. If anyone tells you otherwise, ignore them.
  • Download the Arogya Setu App in your smart phones. That is a government guideline for safety.
  • If you have got your Car from Sushant Travels, we make sure that all our cars are disinfected by sanitizing, cleaning, and ventilating them after every trip/drop. However, you too should sanitize all the external touching points of the car such as all the handles, the keys; and the internal touching points such as seat belts, dashboard, mirrors, switches, buttons, etc. On a safer side, carry sheets with you to cover your seat and then be seated.
  • Make use of face masks and carry sanitizers with you. Your Rental service providers should also be providing you with new sanitizers.
  • Keep a tab on Google Maps if you have hotels, medicals, and toilets, open along your way.
  • On the safer side, keep yourselves well stacked with food and drinks, in case you don’t find hotels open in the area. Same applies for medicines. With the COVID situation, there may be possibilities of unavailability of medical stores, so keep sufficient supplies of medicines you would need for your journey. The travel company providing you Car Hire, should also provide you with a disinfected medical kit providing basic medicines for some common ailments, along with some first-aid articles just in case.
  • Visit a Physicia at least a day (and preferably 4 weeks) before and only after his yes, go for the trip. If there are certain prescription medicines which you require, keep the Doctor’s prescription for such medicines stating that you require that medicine.
  • Toilette items such as those for skin care, eye care, dental care, personal hygiene, etc. should be carried so that you’ll not have to worry about not finding them at your destination.

At the end of the day, the decision to travel is all yours and you need to accept the risk you are taking by going on this trip. Make sure you have done careful planning, are adequately covered with insurance, the care you hire is insured, and that you are taking all the necessary safety precautions.