10 Reasons You Should Hire A Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Reasons You Should Hire A Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are now only a weekend away from finding out how normal is the new normal in this Covid-19 Pandemic era. But one thing is clear that social distancing is and in fact, will be a part of our lives for longer than we want it to be and it will eventually include picking modes of transportation which involve no contact with others.

Car rentals are the most preferred choice for weekend trips or daily commutes in today's time. This is not just because the trains and flights are not running to the full of their capacity, but also because people are quite careful about social distancing. Reputed car rental companies like us, keep every vehicle sanitised and safe to use. A lot of travelers approach us and hire a car during Covid-19 pandemic because they know well why they are choosing us. Below mentioned are top reasons why you should hire a car from us:


1. Enables you to travel with precautions

The best car rental services like us are taking the utmost precautions to render you safe travelling experiences. We at Sushant Travels, offer car pick up and drop facilities for consumers, so that you do not have to travel far to rent a car. Apart from this, we also have also implemented strict hygiene and safety measures for your safety.

2. Travelling to office

While previously, you may have car-pooled to travel to office as a responsible citizen trying to do your bit for the concern of environment. However, now you should not make use of shared mobility as the virus tends to spread faster through touch and so, you should avoid travelling with people. It is very imperative to follow social distancing for protecting yourself as well as others around you. Now, whenever you need to reach office, you can easily avail of our taxi service for one way to commute privately and safely.

3. Emergency visits

If you are required to visit the hospital in emergency situations, you can rent a car from us quickly since making use of public transport such as buses and shared cabs can be risky and so, you must avoid them and ensure safe travel. Opting for a rental car will ensure that you can commute timely and safely as our cars reach you within 30 minutes and are well-sanitized to minimize the risk of virus.

4. Offers for varied durations

Depending on your travel requirements, you may need a spacious private vehicle for varied durations and our taxi services provide you vehicles for a one side journey, two way trip and even on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. We offer taxi service for outstation also, while enabling you to make bookings at prior dates or in short notice as well.

5. Helps you practice social distancing 

One of the most effective prevention keys during this Covid-19 pandemic is social distancing. The option of hiring a car will enable you to travel privately as well as safely to all the places you want to. It will minimize transmission risk to a great extent and if you live in Delhi and need to travel urgently with your family to outstation, you can choose your preferred car in affordable prices instead of using public transport and welcoming risks.

6. Our cars are sanitized before every ride

Before and after every ride that is taken by the car, our driver partners are trained to disinfect the car thorough and make it a safe space for each and every passenger who are traveling with us. We take extra care and precautions in airing out all our cars before and after each and every trip to eliminate all the chances of communicable infection spread.

7. Regular temperature checkup for drivers

If there is anything that was left to make sure that complete safety precautions are taken, it has to be a regular temperature checkup of our drivers. Don't worry, when you choose our affordable car hire services, we make sure that our passengers are not even close to having high body temperature and so, regular check-ups of them are being done.

8. Protective screen between driver & riders

We have installed transparent partition in all our cabs, covering the driver’s seat entirely and making it like a separate compartment. This would ensure the required social distance that should be between the driver and the passengers. All our cabs have been fitted with the transparent polycarbonate sheets, with the support of moulds, nuts and some bolts. Installing of these partitions makes our cabs 100% secure to travel but don't worry, even after all such high security and safety precautions, our affordable car hire services would not make any holes in your pocket.

9. Affordable prices

There are many cars available for rent in today's time that are operating day and night but we assure we are the most trusted one. Would any other taxi services assure you of your complete safety in this pandemic situation? Undoubtedly, the combination of the best offered prices as well as outstanding customer services is damn hard to find but if you are reading this article, you have got your taxi to go because we definitely do not compromise with safety yet provide affordable car hire services.

10. Cars are fumigated thrice a week

We make sure that all our cars are fumigated three times a week thoroughly as we do not want to compromise even 1% when it comes to the safety of human life. We make sure that if you hire our car for rent, you would not only enjoy budget car rental service but also a very safe disinfected space to be comfortable in.



Sushant Travels is a well established Tours and Travels company in Delhi that is also excelled in taxi services in India. We are bestowed with the best professional team of drivers, who truly believe in empowering the safe, easily accessible and reliable taxi rides to the customers.

To break the hesitation of the passengers in Delhi due to this Covid-19 pandemic situation, we have mandated our taxi drivers commuting through various places to strictly comply with all the  Covid-19 safety measures which include thorough fumigation of the taxis thrice a week, ensuring sanitization of each and every touch point that exists, wearing multi layered masks all the time and wearing hand glove, promoting cashless payments and much more to the best of our abilities.