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Sufi Tour Packages

Sufi Tour Package

For the modern man, the words “Sufi” and “Sufism” are a sealed secret. Despite the fact that now numerous religions, dogmas, teachers claim the right of spiritual mentoring of a person, Sufi adepts do not propagate their views. A Sufi is a person who believes in the possibility of directly associating with the Almighty and subordinates his life to the desire for this initiation. Life, subordinated to any goal, is often associated with the road, so the Sufis call themselves the people of the Path, referring to the Path to Truth, which is one of the names of the Highest. In other words, with Sufism is this Path to God, the goal of life is the realization on this Path. This is the achievement of Spiritual Unity, the Divine Reality. It is a struggle with your unnatural ego to find yourself present, as a reflection of the Divine Reality. Historically, Sufism is associated with Islam. Thanks to Muhammad and his followers, Islam was destined to become a bridge between the Christian Western world, rooted in Hellenism and Judaism, and the worlds of the Buddha, Hinduism and Lao Tzu, from which the concept of "Path" and some concomitant views were borrowed, as well as meditation, which Sufis use. They found their own method, based on the practices of various religions and doctrines. For example, the "Stop breathing" exercise, known from Sufis, is taken from Hindu yoga. Sufism went from practice to theory, and its first carriers were dervishes - wanderers wandering around the spaces of the Islamic world. Initially, the Sufis were persecuted by Islamic orthodoxy, as they tried to show people the direct path to God without intermediary priests. But when the teaching became massive, it was recognized as one of the branches of Islam. Sufism became very popular in India. The preaching by the Sufis of voluntary poverty, abandonment of active activities, perceived by the people as a condemnation of property inequality and the existing social order, and the condemnation of their wealth attracted numerous followers to Sufism. Among the Sufi preachers were many intellectuals - scientists, poets. Sufism has largely become the mainstay of the current bhakti - the cult of devotion to God.

Places to cover : Delhi-Srinagar-Kaliyar Sharif-Agra-Jaipur-Ajmer
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Sufi Tour Package

Sufi Tour Package

Duration: 15 / 16 Days
Places to cover: Delhi-Srinagar-Kaliyar Sharif-Agra-Jaipu

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